Healthcare IT


Healthcare Information Technology (Healthcare IT)

The Health Insurance sector has undergone major changes in quality and sophistication over the past several years. Numerous factors have contributed towards these improvements that have greatly enhanced the overall Provider and Patient experience in healthcare. Key among them is the increasing role and use of IT in managing the complex business processes and workflows. The healthcare industry has seen new standards implementations for privacy, ASC X12 4010A1 transaction sets, security, National Employer Identifier and National Provider Identifier.

Most recently Congress passed into law two new standards: Updating electronic standardsfrom 4010A1 to 5010 and conversion of ICD-9 codes to ICD-10. By the extended deadlineMarch 31, 2012 all covered entities must be able to send and receive all HIPAA transactionsin the 5010 format and by the new deadline October 1, 2014 all covered entities must becompliant with ICD-10 codes. Given the dramatic code changes under ICD-10,healthcare organizations (Payer and Providers) must consider both business and thetechnology requirements needed.

Why ALG Technology Solutions?

At ALG Technology Solutions, we are committed to helping healthcare organizations realize the gains in efficiency and cost reductions possible through intelligent use of Mainframe, Data Warehouse, client server and web – based technology. Our Healthcare Practice professionals have extensive healthcare domain and technology expertise, which allows us to provide a full suite of strategic consulting services and technical IT solutions to the health care community — payers, providers, pharmacy and life sciences organizations.

 ALG Technology Solutions business and technical expertise in the HealthCare Insurance sector enables us to offer comprehensive, end-to-end, scalable and cost-effective solutions to the entire gamut of Healthcare players – Payers and Providers.