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Our roots and core strengths are in retail consulting, every aspect of retailing. We are merchants who are consumed with excelling at every action which compels consumers to purchase products. We relentlessly focus on helping our retail consulting clients develop strategies which achieve excellence in store locations, store environments, product offerings and visual merchandising. Retail marketing, store operations, and back office support. These are the elements which create the consumer’s retail experience and determine success or failure.


Education Overview

Over 30 private equity investors have trusted  and retained The Grayson Company to provide pre-transaction advisory services including deep dive due diligence.  We also are routinely asked by these clients to work with existing portfolio companies to improve staff and structure, infrastructure, and business processes aimed at increased productivity and profitability. Our private equity clients include small highly specialized firms as well as some of the largest funds in the world.

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Financial services perform best in low interest rate environments. A large portion of this sector generates revenue from mortgages and loans, which gain value as interest rates drop. Furthermore, when the business cycle is in an upswing, the financial sector benefits from additional investments. Improved economic conditions usually lead to more capital projects and increased personal investing. New projects require financing, which usually leads to a larger number of loans.